RC Jr. is a three day residential camp for children with developmental disabilities established in 1997 in response to our need to address the special needs of our children and is totally funded by the Knights of Columbus.

The children in our camper group range from 4 to 17 years of age, whose disabilities range from mild to severe physical handicap, in addition to being developmentally disabled. The children’s other disabilities include Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Tracheotomy, Down’s Syndrome, Myonic Dystrophy, and developmental delays.

During the three days, campers and volunteer counselors participate in activities and classes much like that of Camp ReCreation, but on the level of a child. The campers and volunteer counselors attend program such as but not limited to:

. Music Classes                     . Drama Classes

. Arts and Crafts                   . Games

. Personal Life Skills             . Socialization

During the week, there is time for water games, which allow the campers and counselors to soak up the sun, while soaking each other in kiddy pools. This camp has included a carnival for the children with a ball toss, pie throwing contest, a bounce house, and a dunk tank. It is always a hit with the children. They love being outside enjoying the sun ‘n fun!

Our Participants:

The RC Jr. three day camp proposes to serve approximately 40 children with developmental disabilities and severe physical and mental handicaps. Our campers represent respite care given to 40 households.

Our Counselors:

During RC Jr. Camp, the ratio of camper to counselor is 1:1, so there are typically 50 to 60 volunteer counselors serving the campers. More support is often needed, because the campers’ disabilities are severe and difficult to manage. Our recruiting process for counselors is the same for RC Jr. and for Camp ReCreation, and the same Program Director serves to oversee the process. Since there is a smaller number of campers, we have had four groups of campers and counselors at RC Jr. Camp. Our team leaders are often our strongest Re-Creation Camp volunteer counselors, and our staff includes the Camp Director and Assistant Directors.

Camp Activities:

The programming for the RC Jr. Camp is very similar to our five day long Camp ReCreation. The classes include, but are not limited to:

. Arts and Crafts                                . Music Classes

. Drama Classes                                 . Games

. Lives of the Saints                            Socialization


Each day the campers and volunteer counselors are able to take naps, participate in story time and do various other activities. On Thursday afternoon, campers arrive and check in with the Camp nurse. They meet their groups and they are off and running. On Saturday, the campers, counselors and families are invited attend their programs and also attend the carnival or other activities before they say their goodbyes.

Nursing Care:

RC Jr. Camp is staffed with two Registered Nurses 24 hours a day. The nurses are solely responsible for the distribution of medication and emergency services. She/He follows strict medical protocols and guidelines when receiving the campers and counselors, naming the camper and checking the card and then distributing medication and/or caring for emergency needs. In some cases, there are multiple medications distributed for a camper.