Chapter Officers

Rene Sepulveda Chapter President 6/30/2021
Tom Dodge Chapter Secretary 6/30/2021
Vince A Vasquez Chapter Treasurer 6/30/2021
Tom Collins Chapter Past President 6/30/2021

OC Chapter Charities Officers

Allan Vargas President 6/30/2021
Jim Normandin Vice President 6/30/2022
Bill Flood Secretary 6/30/2023
Blake Mahler Treasurer 6/30/2022


Doug Ambrose Director 6/30/2023
Steve Bolton Director 6/30/2022
Jack Haney Director 6/30/2022
Ron Klucsar Director 6/30/2022
Joseph Kristofl Director 6/30/2021
Bill Schafer Director 6/30/2023
Carlos Soto Director 6/30/2021
Darnell Wyrick Director 6/30/2023

Elected Directors: By-Laws

In accordance with CC Section 5220, the seventeen (17) elected Directors shall be comprised as follows:(1) the authorized number of elected directors shall be seventeen (17).

(a) the five Orange County Chapter Knights of Columbus elected officers holding the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer,  and one(1) appointed officer being the Immediate Past Chapter President, and

(b) the remaining twelve (12) directors shall be elected, as hereinafter set forth, by the CORPORATION’s delegates (reference IV:Section 2 ‘Delegates’).  Said delegates shall elect each year the requisite number of directors to complete the BOARD.

Each director elected under V:Section 3.1 ‘Elected Directors’(b) above shall hold office for a three year term and until a successor has been designated, qualified and elected.  Four (4) directors to be elected each year at the end of their term. One and two year terms may be used to establish the staggered three-year rotation of term expirations and to fill term vacancies.

The directors elected under V:Section 3.1 ‘Elected Directors’ (a) and (b) above shall be elected at the first general business meeting of the Orange County Chapter of the Knights of Columbus held after June 15th of each year.