1. What is OC Chapter Charities(OCCC)?

Chapter Charities is a State of California chartered nonprofit organization that also meets Federal 501 (c) 3 requirements.

  1. Where did OC Chapter Charities come from?

In 1977 several Orange County Chapter Knights of Columbus met with Bishop Johnson to see how they could support the charitable goals of the Orange County Diocese. Out of that initial conversation the group began the process of creating a nonprofit corporation which would focus on the needs of those with Intellectual and physical disabilities and needs. The initial efforts were to begin a weekend of Love, which evolved over the years to Camp Recreation (both adult and youth camps), the Day of Sharing, and multiple activity days which are administered by Catholic Charities of OC.

  1. What is OC Chapter Charities Mission?

As stated in our current bylaws: “.. supporting people with intellectual/physical disabilities/special needs.”

  1. Who are the Directors of OC Chapter Charities?

The Directors of OC Chapter Charities are third Degree Knights of Columbus who are elected by the Orange County Chapter of the Knights of Columbus.

  1. Who does OC Chapter Charities report to?

OC Chapter Charities works in close partnership with and collaborates with the Knights of Columbus Orange County Chapter and Councils, Catholic Charities of OC, the Diocese of Orange, CA Columbian Charities, and the State KofC Organization, but is a stand- alone state chartered nonprofit corporation and does not report directly to any of these.

  1. How is OC Chapter Charities funded?

All the Directors of OCCC are unpaid volunteers. There is no paid staff. All funds collected by OCCC go to support its mission. OCCC does contract with suppliers for supplies, printing and other costs related to fund raising and supporting the its charitable activities. Funds received are directed to our mission with minimal administrative costs.

  1. What does OC Chapter Charities support?

While specific activities vary somewhat depending on needs and available funds, major activities include a week long camp for adult clients, a 3-day mini-camp for youth clients, a Day of Sharing festival (over 600 clients and care givers), several day long activity camps, and a day at Angel stadium game for clients. The OCCC website (OCCCharities.org) contains photos and details on many of our activities. Future activities will be added or modified as funds and needs are recognized.