Orange County Chapter Charities Grant Request Proposal

The Orange County Chapter Charities Foundation (OCCCF) grants to organizations whose missions are broadly related to serving individuals with Special Needs. Organizations requesting grant funds must have 501(c)(3) designation in the United States.
The OCCCF does not provide funds to:
▪ non-501(c)(3) organizations
▪ general operating support
▪ capital campaigns
▪ events or fundraisers
▪ individuals
▪ organizations primarily engaged in lobbying or political activity

SIZE OF GRANTS: In 2020 we anticipate grant awards ranging from $2,000 to $12,000. We usually make grants to multiple organizations in a single cycle and typically do not award the maximum amount to any one organization. The most important budget-related consideration is that the size of your request is in line with the scope of the project you are proposing.
How to Apply: We do not have a template application; however, we request you prepare a succinct request addressing each of the items listed below. Your grant request proposal should be no more than 3-5 pages not including financials.
We require all organizations to submit a copy of their IRS letter of Determination and California Franchise Tax Board Determination letter, an electronic copy (pages 1-12 only) of your most recent 990, copy of the organization’s most recently completed audited financial statement, copy of the organization’s budget for the current fiscal year.
Executive Summary of Proposal (a succinct summary of your request).
Who are you? What is your primary purpose? When were you founded? How are you normally funded? What are you requesting? Who will primarily benefit/impact? When and where will this occur?

Proposal Detail
• A description of the project/program you are seeking to fund
• Organization’s Purpose & how organization serves people with Special Needs in Orange County, California
• The amount of funding you would request from us
• Describe how funding will be used to support a new or current project/program or project.
• Describe range of special needs served through the organization.
• Describe selection process/criteria for prospective clients
• How many individuals will be served, will funding provide additional clients opportunities to participate in your programs/projects.
• Will funding replace/update existing equipment/supplies for your programs?
• Term of Project/Program. Schedule if appropriate.
• Scope of Work; Who will lead the efforts and what’s the expected outcome/impact?
• Service providers/Contractors to be used.
• Outcome metrics: How will you measure progress/success of the project/program, and how will this be communicated to the OCCC Foundation?
• Provide budget cost details for accomplishing request and what percentage is this of your full budget.
• Describe your plans/sources of ongoing funding to sustain projects/program supported by this grant

Final Report (a brief final report is expected upon completion)